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An autumn escape to the Scarlett Knob Campground

Hey yinz,

Driving out to Scarlett Knob Campground on Saturday, my good friend Elaine kept saying, “I love rural Pennsylvania!”  We romanticized the small towns that extend past the suburbs, where the Subway restaurants are in former homes, sharing real estate with candle shops. I wanted to jump out of the car and explore every antique shop and see what treasures hid in Small Town, Pennsylvania. But it’s not just the areas of commerce that I love. It’s more than just the country stores adjacent to the diners, like in “Family Restaurant” (will explain soon).

I love the oranges and reds that carpet Penn’s woods in the fall. I love the fresh air of the country and dozens of black cows that love it too. It was about time for this city girl to visit the country – to bow at the alter of glorious Mother Nature.  The weather was perfect for enjoying a crackling campfire and for hiking in the woods.

So, we drove to Scarlett Knob, a private campground near Ohiopyle State Park. I’ll admit that the planners chose this site because it permits responsible alcohol consumption on the premises. (We transported all of the cans and bottles back to the city for recycling – extra responsible.)  We were only the third other group at the site, so we felt secluded enough. I don’t know what Scarlett Knob would be like during the peak camping season – and peak paintball season, for that matter…

Scarlett Knob, a place for contained adventure!

On a semi-related note, my homework for my digital photography class at Pittsburgh Filmmakers was to take landscape photos. What luck! I had plenty of opportunities to take photos. All of these photos were shot in raw. Some of them have been edited slightly for contrast and to bring out the color in the sky, which was bright and mostly cloudless. 🙂

"Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height!" (I know the sky looks fake, but my camera actually captured this robin's egg blue sky.

Sunset at Scarlett Knob


This summer, my family went to Hershey Park. There, I got the inspiration to make s’mores with Reese’s! Mmmm! That’s another bonus of fall camping: cheap Halloween candy! 😀

Spooky moon! Ooga Booga!

Morning at Scarlett Knob

For the last picture, I leave you with an image of our beloved “Family Restaurant.” We thought it was funny that the “Family Restaurant” sign was larger than the Mill Run Grille sign. I also love the cartoon, Clip-art-style duck on the side.

This is the lovely Mill Run Grille, but it will always be "Family Restaurant" in our hearts.

Thanks for the memories, Scarlett Knob! We had a great time, and I hope to go camping again soon.