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Art All Weekend in Pittsburgh

Hey Yinz,

It was a very cool weekend to be Pittsburgh. If you were willing to brave the freezing (C’mon wasn’t it just 80 degrees?) weather, you had plenty of events to check out. On Friday, there was the gallery crawl dahntahn presented by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. From 4 p.m. Saturday to 2 p.m. Sunday, the 15th annual Art All Night raged on in Lawrenceville. It’s a good thing Art All Night actually went all night because it was competing with the fire festival in Homestead dubbed Pyrotopia.

Here’s a slew of photos from my most eventful Saturday night.

Cool industrial space at 40th Street and Willow in Lawrenceville

I loved the contrast of the art against the steel beams, caution tape and florescent lights.


I dig Bruce Lee art. He was such a philosopher.

Love this concept


I'm just mad about this.

One of the things I love about Art All Night is that anyone could submit art, so you could have a drawing by a four-year-old kid next to a $900 painting. “No fees. No jury. No censorship.”

The painting on the left is one of the many stellar works by my four-year-old nephew. The painting next to it is my sister, Patty's, creation. A good sense of color runs in the family.

Image~~~~~~~~~ Pyrotopia ~~~~~~~~~


This flame was set off with an electroencephalography (EEG) headband. It was fun to see the flame shoot up when the headband wearer (usually a kid) focused.

Pyrotopia is a new festival that featured musical acts, a torch set off by an electroencephalography (EEG) headband, a fiery game of Simon and other neat performances. The event took place at the Pump House, against the backdrop of the Rankin Bridge and the Carrie Furnace. There are some pictures I included because I thought they’d be cool for a fire version of the cloud game, where you see the objects in the abstract. Enjoy!


The Pyrotopia version of the game of Simon

Glass artist from Forms in Glass Studios (Fig Studios) in Pittsburgh



What do you see?

Evil potato smile?


Yosemite Sam?


An alien invasion (barge) passing by the Carrie Furnace

This was a fun, unique event that I would love to see again. My one greatest criticism was that the Tesla coil that was advertised was not running by 10 p.m., about when we left. There seemed to have been technical difficulties, which is rather unnerving. Does anyone know if they started the Tesla coil by the end of the night?

I hope you were able to check out some of these events this weekend and/or you’ll venture out next time.

See yinz later,



Obsurophile’s Peter in Crazy Mocha

Hey yinz,

On Saturday, I was walking in Lawrenceville with my usual comrades when nature called. I scurried over to the Crazy Mocha coffee shop, which was almost empty at about 5:30 p.m. As I purchased an Italian soda and some biscotti to justify my visit, I noticed a large, intriguing contraption over my shoulder. There was Peter Pawlowski with his Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic camera on a tripod, ready to capture pictures of his girlfriend, Jenny Jo, at work.

Here’s Peter. Notice the sweet Polaroid jacket.

Peter Pawlowski in Crazy Mocha

We got to talking and bonded over the magic of photography. Though I was already impressed with the one photo he took of my exchange with Jenny Jo, I really got to appreciate his skill when I got home and checked out Peter’s Flickr page.

This is my favorite from the evening:

Crazy Mocha barista photo by Peter Pawlowski

I asked him in an e-mail how he got this effect without it being just one big blur. Peter explained, “The photo was taken with Fuji FP3000B instant film, which is ISO 3000, very fast! This means that I could take indoor photos with available light at f4.7 and 1/100s shutter speed. The triple exposure was more like f11 for each exposure.”  I’m always so impressed by the technical skills photographers who shoot with film possess.

As I alluded earlier, here’s the picture of Jenny Jo and me.  The original is smaller than a regular 4×6 print. Yes, this will be my first appearance in Pixburgh N’at.

Jenny Jo and me trying to not look pose-y Photo: Peter Pawlowski

He even mentioned Pixburgh N’at on his blog, obscurophile. Hooray for networking. It was great to meet you, Peter, and Jenny Jo. Keep up the good work. It was a pleasure meeting you both.


You know where you are? You’re in a bowling alley!

Hey yinz,

Happy Halloween! This weekend was pretty eventful. On Friday, my good friend Kate celebrated her birthday at Arsenal Lanes in Lawrenceville, where Fridays are all-you-can-bowl and karaoke nights.

The title of this blog is in reference to the karaoke part. Kate’s husband, Paul, and friend sang Guns N’ Roses‘ “Welcome to the Jungle” together, and at about 3:42 in the video, the part where Axl Rose taunts, “You know where you are? You’re in the jungle, baby! You’re going to die,” Paul replaced “jungle, baby” with “bowling alley.” Quite clever. However, we suspect that the DJ turned his mic down after that…

Aside from that diss, it was a great night. Arsenal Lanes is a cool, retro-looking bowling alley with a spread out floor plan. There are two rooms with lanes and a separate room with a bar, where a nurse lady and Homer Simpson snuggled up on the couch.

Here are a couple pix from the night. A lot of my photos were grainy because the bowling alley was dark, and obviously my targets were moving.

I would definitely like to go bowling again soon. It’s one of those activities that people don’t seek out often but are really happy when they do.