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Fireworks for the Fourth in Pittsburgh

Hi yinz,

Happy fifth of July! After getting home late from the Regatta, I didn’t have the energy to post photos of the fireworks. My fourth of July holiday was certainly happy with a cook out, shopping and the Regatta, but having a one-day holiday on Wednesday is rough. After a day of work and watching the Buccos sweep the Astros tonight (Zoltan!), this photo is pretty much all I can muster.

Pittsburgh is a fantastic place to watch fireworks because the three rivers converge at the point. I remember pre-recession fireworks being shot from three barges on the river. However, the fireworks were still great this year. I saw some fireworks that I don’t think I’ve seen before – ones that shot red and green streaks that scattered like marbles dropped on a hardwood floor. Though this photo is a little blurry, it’s worth sharing because this is what I imagine an alien attack would look like… A little too much like Independence Day, am I right?

I hope you had a happy fourth of July.



Handmade Arcade starts holiday shopping early

Hey yinz,

Handmade Arcade, which calls itself “Pittsburgh’s Largest Indie Craft Fair,” gave a preview of the frenzied holiday shopping season with its annual pre-holiday craft show in David Lawrence Convention Center on Saturday.   There were so many vendors selling jewelry, homemade soaps, recycled/reused/upcycled notebooks, screen-print T-shirts and my favorite, plushies!  Most of the items are reasonably priced for gifts, which I think is one of the goals of the event. The pre-holiday shopping extravaganza for handmade wares began in 2004 with 32 vendors, and this year, the event had more than 150 vendors. My favorite part about this event is that most of the craftsmen and artists are Pittsburgh-based.

Here are some pictures from the day. I asked all of these vendors for permission before photographing their work. Some asked for me to send them my photos. I also decided to add their websites if available. The Handmade Arcade website has a complete list of the vendors with their websites.

On a side note, you’ll notice that I played around with my photo presentation. It actually was not that easy, so if you don’t like it, I’ll happily go back to the usual format.

Wade Caruso woodwork’s Picasa album   

Rebound Designs

Rebound Designs

Rag Trader: Vintage Reborn
Friend or Foe plushies made in Pittsburgh and sold at Divertido in Lawrenceville
Narwhal plushie by Zooguu

Pittsburgh-based Green Bubble Gorgeous

Pampering treats from Green Bubble Gorgeous

I can personally vouch for Green Bubble Gorgeous because I’ve purchased Krystal Doring’s expertly crafted, organic cupcake bath bombs, and Popsicle- and donut-shaped soaps for myself and for gifts. 🙂

There was also a great interactive area for the kids, where they could make silk screened wrapping paper (I got bison wrapping paper!), create a cardboard tube city and dress up like monsters.

Congratulations to the organizers on another successful Handmade Arcade!


Feeling Wicked

Hey, yinz! I said the singular version of yinz because there’s probably just one of you reading this. Thanks, friend.

Anyway, I just came back from seeing Wicked with my mom and sister at the Benedum Center.  The theater seemed to be full, which is awesome for a Tuesday night. This was my first time seeing it, and of course, I loved it!  The singers were fantastic. The sets were imaginative. And the script was hilarious. I loved the motif of the speechless, oppressed and caged animals and how people unify against a common enemy, even if that enemy is just a scape goat.  This musical definitely bumped up “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” in my mental book queue.

Now, to the pictures!  Obviously, I couldn’t take pictures during the show – though I would have loved it!  I enjoyed envisioning how I would capture expressions in dark scenes or bright lights on the gates of Emerald City. These will have to suffice.

This second chandelier shot I got right as the lights started turning down. So, I didn’t have a chance to change the settings. I shot this with f/7.1, ISO 400 and 1/10 sec. exposure time.  My photography professor at Pittsburgh Filmmakers says that brightness is death — there’s no coming back once the data is lost. If I wanted I could lighten this photo, but I like the look, even though it’s underexposed.

I got this one during intermission. This looks like it could be a set for Peter Pan.

Well, if you haven’t see Wicked, I highly recommend it. This show will be showing in Pittsburgh through October 2.  I hope yinzes head dahntahn to see this show!


P.S. My sister got a Wicked  (nudge nudge. Get it?) umbrella for 20 buckaroos. It’s the best deal down at the merchandise counter.