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N’atman coming to theaters this weekend!

Hey Yinz,

The Dark Knight Rises premieres this weekend, and the world will get to see the N’atman in action! Early reviews say that the movie finishes strong. I just wanted to share this comic posted on the Pittsburgh Film Office’s Facebook.

Whip! Bam! Boom! Kapow!

When you’re sitting in the movie theater answering trivia (like what was Baby’s real name in Dirty Dancing?) and waiting for the Batman to start, I ask you to please take a minute and think about who lost when Batman came to town. Sure, the city won overall. The film industry brought jobs to Pittsburgh and stimulated local business. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl got to relive his college football glory days as a player for the Gotham Rogue. And Christian Bale discovered Braddock, which will be the backdrop for another Christian Bale movie, “Out of the Furnace.”

But there were two losers when Batman came to town. Last summer, I watched four or five people rip the leaves off two trees on the Bellefield Avenue-side of Carnegie Mellon University’s Mellon Institute in Oakland, presumably to make the trees fit the winter scene. (If you want to talk about jobs, there were two people on ladders ripping leaves off the trees and two to pick them up.) A year has passed, and  the trees are still alive, but their branches support only a dozen or so leaves.

This photo was taken in May – less than one year after the incident, shall we say. I don’t understand why the crew ripped the leaves off these two trees but left the middle tree unscathed. Perhaps this will be central to the plot! We’ll have to wait and see.