Welcome back, Sidney Crosby!

Hey yinz,

Sidney Crosby returned to the Penguins’ lineup yesterday in perfect fashion. Crosby could have joined his teammates on their recent Pacific tour, as many people speculated. But instead, Crosby lead his team to a 5-0 triumph over the New York Islanders on home ice with no fights, disputed goals, and no answered goals from the opponent (way to go Fleury!).

Probably the best part was seeing Crosby score about 5 minutes into the game. It was his first goal in nearly 11 months. When that siren blared, he lifted his knee, pumped his arm and gave a “f*ck yeah” that signaled to the world that he was back again. Oh captain, my captain! (The Walt Whitman irony is understood because obviously, he’s kickin’. I just have to respond to the #ohcaptainmycaptain Twitter hashtag.)

The crowd was awesome to behold. The Penguins gave all of the fans “Welcome Back Sid” signs. (I assume that’s “Welcome Back, Sid” and not an order to welcome back Sid. 😛 ) The chants for Crosby boomed, especially in the final minutes, as we all hoped for Crosby to get a third. Though the hats stayed on, no Pens fan left the arena disappointed.

Unfortunately but understandably, cameras with detachable lenses are forbidden in for the Average Joe/Jane in the Consol Energy Center.  I took these photos with my boyfriend’s Lumix camera, but I think the photos are worth sharing.

Oh, how we missed seeing number 87!

Kris Letang's hair was prominent, as usual. 😉

Guess who took the first faceoff of the night.

Crosby is a beast!

Congratulations on the shutout, Fleury! There was a lot of competition for stars in this game.

Sidney Crosby gets a well-deserved first star with two goals and two assists on the night.

Great job, Crosby! We’re all glad to see you’re doing well.



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