Soergel Orchards’ Pumpkin Palooza and Apple Fest

Happy fall, y’all! (I love rhymes just about as much as I love yinz guys.)

Today was a very successful fall day.  My boyfriend, his mother and I went to Soergel Orchards to pick pumpkins and take in the lovely autumn atmosphere.  I would like to set a scene with the cliche smell of crisp fall air, but that didn’t happen today. It was friggen hot – about 80 degrees.

But no matter. It was the apple festival at Soergels! Like many other city slickers, I donned my denim shirt and rustic booties for this special trip to the country. I’m reluctant to say that we went to a pumpkin patch today. Soergels Orchards, though not on the scale of Knott’s Berry Farm, is the quaint Wexford version of that farm-themed park. There’s a corn maze (or maize tee hehe), hay tunnel, bouncy castle, hayrides and an area where kids can prospect for arrowheads and semi-precious stones.

My main goal was to find the great pumpkin we’ll carve this year. This hunk of love is 25 pounds.  I also picked up a little guy as a bonus. He’s 75 cents well spent, I say.

Here are the rest of my pix from my pumpkin palooza. Most need no further description.

At 75 cents each, this should be...

Sheep: Oh hey!

"Let me tell you about my best friend..."

I hear Harry Nilsson’s “Best Friend” in my head when I see this photo. 😉

OK. Here’s where the photos need prefacing. We went into the apple pressing demonstration. Soergels employees described and showed eager onlookers how they process 250-300 gallons of apple cider each hour!  Apparently the difference between apple cider and apple juice is apple cider is not heated as much as apple juice. It’s pasteurized to kill the bacteria, but it’s not filtered and heated as much as apple juice. Apple juice is shelf stable, but apple cider, should be treated like milk.

These apples are on their way to get chopped and mashed.

The mashed apples come out of the hose and on to blanket-covered metal plates. The workers make several layers.

Getting the squeeze

After this, the juice travels to the pasteurizer. Then, it sits in a giant tank to let some of the apple bits settle before bottling. 🙂

Soergel Orchards’ fall fest is still going on. You can visit on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. You might have missed your “one shot” to see Tom Cruise and his family there though (check out the pictures halfway down the page).

On a side note, I’m taking suggestions for pumpkin carving ideas! Patterns and links are preferred. This is what we did last year:

Flame effect was an accident but a welcome one! Photo: Haris

Stay safe in your pumpkin endeavors!



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