Autumn Moon Fest in Pittsburgh

Ni hao, yinz,

The Chinese typically celebrate the Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival on the 15th day of the eighth month, which was September 12, this year.  As a Chinese-American girl living in Pittsburgh, I don’t usually celebrate with lanterns or a party. Every year that I’ve lived away from home, my mom just drops off a single mooncake.

This is my usual celebration:

I’m sorry that I can’t even read the characters on this cute little cake.  This mooncake is about three inches in diameter and contains a solid mass of lotus seed paste. Mooncakes are often made with egg yolks but not this one.

Anyway, this year, my Mid-Autumn celebration will be special. I’ll be attending the Autumn Moon Fest Loft Party hosted by the Pittsburgh Asian Network on Friday. I’m excited to celebrate Asian culture, but I have to admit that this event is especially exciting because my sister, Patty Tran, and my three-year-old nephew will have some art on display!  Here’s some more information about the featured Asian-American artists.



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